Backflow Prevention and Fire Sprinkler Systems

The NFPA installation standards (NFPA 13, NFPA 13R and NFPA 13D) do not require the installation of backflow prevention devices; however, there are times when these devices are required by building codes, plumbing codes, and health codes. The most common reason backflow devices may be required is based upon the cross-connection guidelines of the water purveyors. A particular point of contention between the fire protection industry and the water supply industry revolves around residential sprinkler systems.  These devices create an added expense and also cause pressure loss that must be accounted for in the hydraulic calculations. Although these devices do not serve a specific fire protection purpose, they do serve a purpose.  This seminar will include discussion on the variables of a fire protection system that may necessitate the inclusion of a backflow prevention device, along with the types of backflow devices and their installation.


Approved for Contractor I, II, V and Waterbased Inspectors.


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