Obstructions to Residential Sprinklers

Residential sprinklers have been on the market for over three decades. These sprinklers are listed to a separate product standard by the laboratories than spray sprinklers and have unique installation criteria. The three different installation standards, NFPA 13, NFPA 13R and NFPA 13D all maintain position requirements for residential sprinklers. Fixtures, structural members, and more, may or may not be considered obstructions to sprinkler discharge. Different obstruction rules vary with the characteristics of the obstruction. This seminar will explore the rules governing clearance to residential sprinklers through all three installation standards and demonstrate the impact of the rules on residential sprinkler spacing.


Approved for Contractor I, II, IV and Waterbased Inspectors.


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Type: Archived
Running time: 90 min
CEUs: 1.5


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